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PIPA For Your Peace Of Mind

PIPA Inflatable Play Inspection - Making safety count and providing a measurable safety standard within the inflatable play industry. 

Hiring a Bouncy Castle can be something of a minefield and knowing if the inflatable you're about to hire will be safe can be even more of a challenge as once delivered there is usually very little you or anyone else can do without seriously impacting on your party or event. 

You might assume that all equipment available to hire would meet a recognised safety standard however sadly that's anything but the case. Whilst hiring a bouncy castle is normally a very safe and enjoyable way for children to have fun and get the all-important exercise they need poorly designed or worn out inflatables can cause injury to their users and create an unnecessary risk of accident. Under the Health & Safety at work Act 1974, manufacturers, hirers and operators have a responsibility to ensure that any risk is minimised. Clearly it is easier to manage that risk if the equipment hired conforms to a recognised standard.

What PIPA Is & Does

PIPA is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that children's bouncy castles and inflatable play equipment conforms to a recognised standard. Supported by the Health and Safety Executive, PIPA is recognised as best practise within the inflatable hire industry. Inflatables tested by PIPA inspectors will display a blue badge or disc also known as a PIPA tag and have a unique identification number assigned to them.

PIPA provides a means in which you as the hirer can monitor risk. All equipment that is part of the PIPA scheme must clearly display its PIPA tag so that it can be easily identified by the user. This tag displays the inflatables unique reference number that can be checked online to verify an inflatables current test status. You can check the status of any of our inflatables online by visiting the PIPA website and inputting the inflatables unique reference number. We are one of the only companies in the area who clearly display our inflatables PIPA numbers on our website so that you can check the current test status of our inflatables before hiring. You can find this number displayed on each of our products information pages.

Look For The PIPA Badge

Bouncy Castle PIPA Badge


Its worth noting that not all inflatables are included within the PIPA scheme and that only bouncy castles and inflatable slides intended for use by children are included within the PIPA remit. That said Best Bounce test all of our equipment to the same safety standard and are happy to provide copied of test certificates and inspection reports where required.  

As a company all of our Bouncy Castles are PIPA tagged and tested annually to ensure we continue to comply with all the current UK and European safety standards for inflatable play and any inflatables falling outside of this scheme are tested to the same standard by a qualified RPII tester. We take safety seriously which is why we are proud to support the PIPA inspection scheme and as parents ourselves we know that there is nothing more important to any parent than our little ones safety. Here at Best Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire we take every measure possible to not only help maintain but also to help improve safety standards within the inflatable hire industry and our support of the PIPA scheme is part of that.

For more information on PIPA and the work they do as an organisation to hep improve safety standard within the inflatable play industry visit the PIPA website or call us for an informal chat.