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Multi Ride And Rodeo Bull Hire

Multi Rides and Rodeo Bull Hire

The original rodeo bull ride is one of the most popular, and most hilarious rides you can hire, as challenger after challenger tries to stay in the saddle, only to end up flat on their back just like everyone else.

Our huge range of rodeo rides for hire gives you a choice of theme to suit any party or event. Choose the original rodeo bull hire, or go for something decidedly different, like our rodeo football ride. For added festive fun, you can pick a pudding or even a rodeo reindeer hire. They’re all based on the same challenge, and they all get the crowds cheering and laughing all day and all night.

For a different kind of challenge, choose our surfboard or snowboard simulators and see how long your guests can stay looking cool and upright as the board wobbles and writhes beneath them.

All our rodeo rides for hire have variable speed and difficulty settings, so everyone can enjoy the fun, from ten years upwards. They all have the latest safety features, including automatic cut off when you fall off, and they all come with a fully trained and experienced operator, who will make sure that everyone enjoys themselves in complete safety.

Rodeo ride hire is perfect for parties, setting social media alight with pictures and videos. Plus it’s a great fundraiser for any charity event, with pay-to-play takings going through the roof as people try again and again to beat the bull or stay on the ball. We can even provide a rodeo shelter, so the fun can go on even when the sunshine stops, maximizing both your fun and your fundraising.

For details on minimum hire times and delivery areas, please see our information pages, where you’ll also find full details of our liability insurance cover.