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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Area's Do You Cover?
Based in North West Surrey, Best Bounce serve a large delivery area covering the majority of Surrey, East Berkshire, North Hampshire and many parts of Middlesex as well as West and South West London. We regularlary delivery to Woking, Guildford, Camberley, Esher, Kingston, Epsom, Ewell, Chessington, Sandhurst, Yately, Bracknell, Farnham, Fleet, Richmond, Twickenham, Sunbury, Ascot, Slough and Windsor to name just a handfull of the area's we cover. For slightly larger hires we delivery regularly to Reading, Dorking, Basingstoke and have even been known to venture into Central London on occasion. Our delivery area and any relevant delivery charges are outlined in more detail on our Delivery Page.

Q: I Live Outside Your Delivery Area, Will You Deliver To Me?
A: There is no straight forward answer to this as there are soo many variables like distance and hire size. We often deliver outside of our "standard" delivery area for midweek, out of season or larger hires. Give us a call and we will happily put together a quote for what you need and advise if we are able to help. 

Q: Is There A Minimum Order? 
Our minimum order for local hires (within 10 miles) is £100, this is the minimum hire value required to make it viable for us to deliver and collect a hire weather looking to hire a bouncy castle, children's soft play, garden marquees & furniture, fun foods or other hire items. Further distances are happily covered subject to a greater minimum order depending on the delivery area, for example Kingston and Chessington carry a minimum order of £150 while Reading carries a minimum order of between £150 to £200 depending on which side of Reading, based on distance and mileage. Minimum orders are based on the total hire value so its still possible to have a small bouncy castle delivered if you were looking for a longer hire period, we have often delivered to Maidenhead, Hillingdon and even Crawley for Weekend Hires, where we deliver on a Friday and collect on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning. 

Q: Can I Collect My Hire?
A: Bouncy Castles and Inflatables require professionally trained staff to set up and install the unit safely and to provide a safety briefing before play and much of our other equipment requires some sort of set up or demonstartion. As such our insurance does not cover us for equipment collected and operated or installed by anyone other than our profesionally trained staff. Therefore we deliver, set up and later collect all of the Party & Event Equipment we hire.

Q: What Do I Need To Provide When Hiring A Bouncy Castle?
A: All you need to worry about when you Hire A Bouncy Castle is providing clear access to the area you want the inflatable installing, either a flat suitable sized grass area or a hall with adequate headroom and access to a power supply within 40m. We will do everything else including delivering the inflatable, installing it and collecting it. We provide all the accessories required including safety crash mats, extension cables and pegs or sandbags as required.

Q: I Don’t Have Side Access, Can You Come Through My House to Access My Garden?
 In some cases yes although most no. Bouncy Castles are extremely heavy and require a sack barrow or trolley to move them. If you only have access through your home or limited side access please call us to discuss which castles might be suitable. In some cases our smaller castles can be brought through a house and carried by a minimum of 2 men but it is essential we have advance notice to ensure we send assistance for the delivery driver and allow enough time to install the castle. Failure to supply suitable access may result in non delivery of your bouncy castle and in most cases clear side access is essential. Please call us if you have any concerns about access.

Q: I Don’t Have Power Within 40m; Does This Mean I Can’t Hire An Inflatable?
A: If you don’t have access to power within 40m of the instilation area you don’t need to worry. We can provide a generator to run anything between 1 and 4 inflatables and can provide multiple generators where more equipment or power is required. You must notify us at the point of booking if you don’t have access to power as we do not carry our generator as standard and there is a small charge for the hire of the generator and the fuel required.

Q: Will You Install A Bouncy Castle or Inflatable Slide On Outdoor Hard Standing Or Concrete?
A: Sadly we are unable to predict the great British weather, in particular the wind and are unable to secure a bouncy castle or inflatable slide suffieciently on concrete or hand standing. Therefore for health and safety reasons we will only install much of our inflatable equipment outdoors when sited on grass. Best Bounce offer an extensive range of equipment including Rodeo Bull Hire, Soft Play Hire and a number of fun foods like Candyfloss, Popcorn and even Slushie Machine Hire so despite not being able to set up a bouncy castle on hard standing please do give us a call and find out what else we ight be able to do for your party or event. 

Q: Can Your Bouncy Castles Go Inside?
A: Yes although it does depend on the ceiling height and the size of the hall you are looking to hire. All of our bouncy castles and inflatables are available for indoor hire but do vary in height. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check the ceiling height of the hall they are looking to hire and ensure there is the necessary clearance required to safely install the castle. If you are unsure please call Best Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire to discuss your requirements.  

Q: How Much Room Do I Need To Allow
A: We display the dimensions of each of our inflatables on each of the castle product pages as well as the space you need to allow for safe instillation. Each castle requires a minimum addition of 2ft on either side of the castle to allow it to be safely secured to the ground, 3ft at the back of the castle to allow for the blower and another 4ft in front of the castle for safety crash mats to be properly sited. These dimensions have already been added to the space required dimensions shown on each product page but represent the minimum space required.

Q: What Happens If It Rains?
A: Our policy on this is dependent on the value of your hire;
For hires up to £200 in value (Domestic Hires ONLY),
we do not charge for cancellations made in advance when the weather is forecast to be poor, but will not cancel ourselves because of rain. If you have concerns about the weather for your party, please notify us as soon as you are able but no later than 72 hours before your party is due to take place. Once we are aware of your concerns, a final decision can be made no later than 12noon the day before your delivery is due or the Friday before where your party takes place on a weekend and we can cancel your hire without charge. Please ensure you contact us with your concerns as this allows us to prepare accordingly and ensures that we have not committed ourselves to expenses (additional vehicles, drivers, paperwork and labour costs) before we have received final confirmation or cancellation. Hires cancelled without warning the day before your hire will have incurred costs and as such will still be subject to charge. Please be aware that cancellation for any reason other than poor weather (confirmed by the accuweather website - the most reliable available) should be received no less than 14 days prior to your hire otherwise the full hire fee will still be payable. 
For hires over £200 in value & events; due to the nature and value of these hires, we regret that we are unable to offer weather related cancellation however will happily allow hires to be transferred to alternative dates within 6 weeks of the original date, subject to equipment availability and subject to meeting the terms as laid out below. If you have concerns about the weather for your party or event, please notify us as soon as you are able but no later than 72 hours before your party is due to take place. Once we are aware of your concerns, a final decision can be made no later than 12noon the day before your delivery is due or the Friday before where your event takes place on a weekend. Please ensure you contact us with your concerns as this allows us to prepare accordingly and ensures that we have not committed ourselves to expenses (additional vehicles, drivers, event staff, paperwork and labour costs) before we have received final confirmation or cancellation. Hires cancelled without warning the day before your hire will have incurred costs and as such will still be subject to charge. Please be aware that cancellation for any reason other than poor weather (confirmed by the accuweather website - the most reliable available) should be received no less than 28 days prior to your hire. For larger hires and events we strongly recommend that you take out adequate event insurance that will in most cases alow you to recover the full hire fee should the event not go ahead or be unable to be reschedule. Much as you would insure a Wedding for possible cancellation, weather and other insurance can be purchased for as little as £40 for up to £2,500's worth of cover.

Q: Do Your Castles Have Rain Covers? Can They Be Used in The Rain?
A: Most of our Surrey Bouncy Castles have built in rain/shade covers, these will protect against light showers but not torrential rain and wind. If light showers are scheduled for the day of your event this need not spoil your day. Children are safe to continue to use the castle in very light rain as long as measures are taken to keep the front step of the inflatable and safety mats dry and that the children take extra care when getting on and off the castle. If the rain should become heavier we would advice that the children come off the castle until the weather improves. You do not need to worry about the castle getting wet, if left inflated the rain cover will deflect most of the water and the rest of the castle will dry very quickly allowing play to continue once the weather has improved. For health and safety it is essential that the front step and safety mats are kept dry as PVC naturally becomes slippery when wet. If there are concerns about the weather we will supply at least 2 towels with every castle to wipe down the mats and front step.

Q: Are There Any Circumstances That Mean A Castle Is Unsafe To Use?
A: The only circumstances in which an inflatable becomes unsafe and would lead to cancelation of your delivery would be high winds. Guidelines state that inflatable castles can be used in winds of up to 24mph per hour, however our limit is 20 mph per hour allowing for gusts. In cases where winds exceed these speeds as much as its highly regrettable it would simply be unsafe and negligent of us to deliver your castle.  We should stress that these circumstances are fortunately very rare and that we would give as much notice as we were physically able and assist in finding an alternative venue if required.

Q: Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?
A: Yes we have 5 million public and product liability insurance as well as employers’ liability insurance. This covers us against accident and injury caused by our equipment failing or incorrect or unsafe installation. This does not however cover the hirer for accidents or injury resulting from the misuse or abuse of the equipment when the hirer is responsible for providing their own supervision. Any operator telling you otherwise is not telling you the truth. Most household insurance will cover the hirer for accidents or injury at a person’s home or property although it remains the responsibility of the hirer to check that their insurance will cover them. As the hirer, you are responsible for ensuring adult supervision of the inflatable at all times unless supervision is provided by a Best Bounce member of staff.

Q: Are Your Bouncy Castles Safe?
A: Any inflatable is only as safe as the person supervising its use. It is essential that all inflatable’s are properly supervised to prevent accident or injury as a result of misuse and this remains the responsibility of the hirer. We do everything that we can to ensure that the castles we hire meet all current regulations and safety standards. Each of our Surrey Bouncy Castles are PIPA tagged and tested annually by an RPII Inspector. All of our castles meet the current British and European safety standards and we work with the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance and The Inflatable Play Enterprise to help improve safety standards within the inflatable hire industry. Each of our delivery drivers is given full training on how to safely install Bouncy Castles and follows the PIPA best practise guidelines as well as complying with health and safety regulations. Safety checks are carried out on each of our units before and after every hire and any issues that may arise are resolved before the unit is returned to public hire.

Q: Are Your Bouncy Castles Clean?
A: Absolutely. Best Bounce Guarantee all of our inflatable’s to be immaculately clean and in mint condition. Each of our castles is inspected and cleaned following every hire using a disinfectant type cleaning solution. We will NEVER deliver and unclean bouncy castle. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our many happy customers have to say about Best Bounce

Q: Do You Provide Supervision For Surrey Bouncy Castles?
A: We do not provide supervision for our castles as standard however we can provide a supervisor to supervise and operate your equipment from between £20-£30 per hour subject to the type of event and equipment hired.

Q: I Have Left It To The Last Minute. Am I Too Late To Book A Hire?
A: There is no easy answer to this question as it really depends on the type and style of equipment you were looking to hire, where abouts you are based, how specific your needs are and just how late you have left it. Its not unusual that we take hires during the run up to a weekend for that weekend and we now have a far wider selection of equipment than we can phyciaslly deliver in any one day so will always have an excess of equipment available if you are prepared to compromise on your theme or equipment choice. Having said that we plan our routes geographically and lay on staff and vehicles according to the work in our diary so without notice cant guarantee that we would physically be able to deliver equipment if your'e in an area we arent due to be in or if your needs are too specific (i.e. a fixed time hire). We will always do everything within our power in order to satisfy any last minute hires but obviously not to the detriment of our existing commitments. The moral of the story should be to call us as soon as you can and we will see what we can do to help. 

Q: I Have Left It To The Last Minute. Can I Have A Discount As You Werent Using The Equipment Anyway? 
A: No. Due to the volume of hires we fulfil on any given weekend we plan our routes geographically, lay on staff and vehicles well in advance so we can be sure that all of our obligations are met and that equipment hired is delivered an set up in plenty of time for our customers parties. It can be very stressful and takes a great deal of extra work when we have to re plan routes and in some cases means we cover many more miles than would have been necesary had a little more pre planning been involved. Its simply false economy to offer discounts on this basis and would be incredbly unfair to our long standing and loyal customer base who book in advance and appreciate the value of the service we offer. 

Q: How Long Can I Keep The Castle For?
A: On average a castle hire will last between 4 and 5 hours for outdoor hire and 2 to 3 hours when indoors but this is subject to delivery and collection times and can in some cases be longer. We aim to be as flexible as possible with delivery and collection times but if you need a specific delivery or collection time please notify us of this at the time of booking.

Q: I Only Need The Inflatable For A Few Hours. Do You Do Discounts For Shorter Hires (1-3hrs?)
A: No. It has been suggested in the past that as equipment may only be needed for a few hours that we would have the opportunity to rehire the equipment again on the same date and as such that may be worth a discount. Unfortunately in reality this simply isnt the case. The majority of parties take place within half or even an hour of one another and on the rare occasion that the timings may allow for this the logistics involved in order to deliver, collect, clean and then redeliver equipment to another area is entirely prohibative and actually increases our costs rather than decreasing them in order to pass on any saving. Our cost to serve for fixed time or shorter parties is actually much greater than for the average hire as its often unviable to send drivers onto another job in another location only to return straight back to collect and involves additional costs in doing so. Despite the extra work and in many cases additional costs involved we do not charge a premium for fixed time hires or shorter parties however are unable to offer discounts on this basis.

Q: What Time Will You Deliver and Collect The Bouncy Castle?
A: We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to delivery and collection times to accommodate personal preference and party times however allocate deliveries according to location and need. We allocate specific slots on a first come first served and priority basis with indoor and venue hires taking priority for fixed time delivery and collection slots over those who can be a little more flexible. We deliver and collect our infatables between 7am and 5pm during the summer months and 9am and 4pm during the winter with collection and delivery times offered outside of these times for indoor hires and late collections subject to charge. 

Q: What Is The Latest You Can Collect?
A: Our last FREE collection is currently 5pm in order to have completed our collections before dusk. We are happy to offer later collections where required. Collection after 6pm is charged at a supplement of £10, collection after 7pm is charged at a supplement of £25 or an 8pm collection for a supplement of £50. For parties that are running on late into the evening we are unable to offer collections after 8pm however can offer an overnight hire from £20* (varies according to inflatables) allowing you to party on into the night with the equipment being collected the following morning from 8.30am instead.

Q: I Have Booked An Overnight Hire, What Time Will You Collect?
A: Much like most of our deliveries and collections, we do not specify collection times at the point of delivery unless there is a specific need (i.e. to clear a venue by a certain time). It should be noted however that an overnight hire does not include any hire element the following day and that the equipment you have booked is still available for hire to other clients. On that basis, we reserve the right to collect equipment that has been hired overnight from 9am the morning following the hire, in order to allow us enough time to turn the equipment around and re deliver to another client. That said, where we can, we will always look to complete our deliveries for parties that day, before returning to collect overnight hires and will in most cases, collect on the way through an area. Should you require a specific collection time, or your equipment to be colected before a certain time, please notify us at the time of booking.

Q: Are You A Member Of Any Recognised Organisations?
A: We are proud members of both the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance and The Inflatable Play Enterprise organisations. All of our bouncy castles are registered with PIPA and carry current certificates.

Q: How Do I Pay?
A: Best Bounce Surrey Bouncy Castle Hire will accept Credit or Debit Card in advance of the delivery date or cash upon delivery. With the withdrawal of the Cheque Guarantee Card we regret that we are no longer able to accept cheques and do not have the facility to accept credit or debit card payments on the day of the hire.

Q: Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?
 Best Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire Surrey do not currently take a deposit on hires under £200 in value. If your hire is over £200 in value we will take a 20% deposit at the time of booking in order to secure your booking.

Q: What Happens If I Need to Cancel?
A: We understand than sometimes things dont always go as planned and on occassion you may need to cancel or postpone your hire. In these instances we must receive no less than 14 days notice of cancelation in order that we may have the opportunity to rehire the equipment booked. We regret that for hires cancelled with less than 14 days notice the full hire fee will still be payable whether. Where cancellation is received with more than 14 days notice and payment has already been made a full refund will be provided less a £5 admin charge.